deconstructing / doing / creating / writing / seeing / transforming

what I’m reading

Rai, A. (2009). Untimely Bollywood: Globalization and India's new media assemblage. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
Asante, M. K. (2013). Buck: A memoir. Waterville, Maine: Thorndike Press.
Michel, R. (2007). Design research now: Essays and selected projects. Basel, Switzerland: Birkhäuser.
Propen, A. D. (2012). Locating visual-material rhetorics: The map, the mill, and the GPS. Anderson, S.C: Parlor Press.

what I’ve been doing lately

//previous happenings

{06/2014 | USC Annenberg Summer Institute on Diversity in Media and Culture}

{05/2014 | “Rendering Black Rhetorics: African American Cultural Performance and Digital Humanities,” Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) with Austin JacksonNicole McFarlane and Nicole Snell}

{04/2014 | “Interfacing with Global Cultures: Visual Rhetoric and the Indigenous Cultural Tourist in Digital Environments,” Kern Conference on Visual Communication Communicating Identity/Consuming Difference}

{04/2014 | “Print Culture and Early Extensions of Race as/in/through New Media Technology,” Popular Culture Conference with Jenny KornSeth Mulliken and Catherine Knight Steele}


{03/2014 | “Towards a Rhetorical Paradigm of Design Research Methodology," Connecting Dots: 014 AIGA Design Educators Conference}

03/2014 | “Access Denied: Digital Jim Crow and Institutional Barriers to Open Access [PDF],” Workshop, 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication with Austin JacksonNicole McFarlane and Nicole Snell}

{03/2014 | “Multimodal Composing: Perspectives From Across the Disciplines [PDF],” 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication with Brent Simoneaux and Robin Snead}

{02/2014 | Critical Code Studies Working Group (particularly postcolonial critical code studies and critical race theory), Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab, University of Southern California}

what I’m interested in

postcolonial theory, visual rhetoric, media studies, digital culture, African Diasporan studies, rhetorical theory, design studies, critical race theory, black studies, material rhetoric, graphic design, composition studies, technical and professional communication, online journalism, social design, visual communications, cultural studies, organizational communication, African art, data visualization, design research

where you can find me

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where I’ve been

{2016, Ph.D. Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media, North Carolina State University (in progress)}

{2014, Certificate in Documentary Arts, Duke University (in progress)}

{2012, MFA Graphic Design, “Utilizing Multiple Design Methods to Resolve Social Problems,” East Carolina University}

{2005, BA Multidisciplinary Studies (Africana Studies concentration), “America’s New African-American: Francophone and Anglophone African Immigration in Harlem, New York,” North Carolina State University}

what I’m saying about design criticism now

// (based on my PhD dissertation) updates on the intersection of graphic design criticism and other critical enterprises {view all posts}


deconstructing / doing / creating / writing / seeing / transforming

in progress

{Ghana Studies Journal | interactive}

{Ghana Studies Association | interactive}

{African Symposium Journal | interactive}

{African Educational Research Network | interactive}

{Hip-Hop Alias (experimental information design) | print + interactive}

selected design portfolio

{CRDM Research Symposium | interactive + print}

{Carolina Rhetoric Conference | interactive + print}

{North Carolina Central University, Dept. of Psychology, ECO Conference | interactive + social media}

{PORT Human Services | redesign | interactive | for Semple Solutions}

{Home Builders Supply Co. | redesign | interactive | for Semple Solutions}

{Graduate Artist’s Forum Art and Design Show | print + web + mobile | in progress}

{ECU School of Art and Design, Graphic Design Area | w/ Gunnar Swanson}

{NC Central University, Department of Psychology | interactive}

{Creativity Series lecture, East Carolina University | print}
{ICD Coach | user interface + jQuery + css + html| with Gunnar Swanson & Brian Schroeder}

{Full Circle Innovation | php + html + css | with Jarred LeGrand}

{17 | experimental | code + form + print}

{after africa, after pablo picasso, after sherrie levine, after chuck close, after africa | poster}

{i’m new here | experimental | code + form + print}

{Adewale Adenle, Artist Portfolio | Cargo Collective customization}

{ECU Contemporary Writer Series| poster | details forthcoming}

{Lucrecia Raymond, Artist Portfolio | php + html + css}


{Spring 2014 | ENG 317 Design Web Communications | North Carolina State University}

{Fall 2013, Summer 2013 | ENG 101 Introduction to Academic Research | North Carolina State University}

{Summer 2013 | Introduction to Public Speaking | North Carolina State University}

{Spring 2013 | ENG 100 Introduction to Academic Writing | North Carolina State University}

{Spring 2012 | Screen Design | East Carolina University}

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